Why Men Pull Away – Discover What He’s Really Thinking – Review

By | February 18, 2017
Why Men Pull Away What is He Really Thinking

This is a review is on a product not that I’ve used, but that has been used ON me.  Ironically, as a man, I can tell you this works.

It’s not that it’s magic, it’s more that we (both sexes) tend to naturally sabotage ourselves due to a lack of understanding.

Why Men Pull Away What is He Really Thinking

Advice on how to repair your relationship and discover what men are really thinking

Why Men Pull Away – Discover What He’s Really Thinking (But Would Never Tell You To Your Face)

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PublisherMeet Your Sweet
Money back guarantee:  Yes; 60 day 100% refund
My Rating:  5 out of 5

Why Men Pull Away Overview


This product is for women, no matter where they might be in the “relationship life-cycle”, to leverage a sterile sounding phrase.

What I mean is, it doesn’t matter if you are trying to get a boyfriend, keep your boyfriend, or rekindle your marriage, there is always something that you can do to ignite, or re-ignite a spark.

That’s what this program is about.  How to spark your man’s interest and keep that fire burning.

A Personal Sidenote

I was one of those guys.  The whole time I was dating (if that’s what you want to call it), my longest relationship was 3 months.

Most relationships were measured in weeks, rarely did anyone get past a month.  Hell, at 3 months I considered that quite a record.

It always started out strong, but inevitably something would happen, I’d get bored, or maybe a better word would be disinterested.

Then I met the girl that would become my wife and that lasted for 4 years.  There were lots of ups and downs, and myriad close calls, but we made it and got married.

What was it that was so drastically different about her?  Well, there were many things, but one thing is for certain, I wasn’t bored.  But then, much later in life, I started to pull away…

She began going through likely something similar to what brought you here  Our relationship had gone deep into the mediocrity zone and things were not great.  She kept trying to reach me, and I kept slipping away.  Then she started researching and here we are.

Long story short, I needed to understand why we almost ended up a statistic.  So I began researching and reflecting.  Once I found out about this system and its role, I knew I had to bring it up to my readers!

 Questioning a Man can be Like Walking Through a Mine-Field

QuestionsIt can be difficult to ask a man questions, it may seem like you never know what kind of reaction is going to happen.  It can feel like a mine-field.

It’s kind of like when a man says something to the effect of, “Wow!  You l
ook great today!”.

As a man, I’ve learned that is a terrible thing to say to a woman, based on testing in the wild.  As a man, I’m thinking that it’s a compliment, but I’ve learned…oh have I learned, that many women dissect that seemingly innocent phrase and fixate on the word “today”.  Right?

So, understand that you also may be saying things, and asking questions that, while seemingly harmless, may in fact be causing your man to interpret your words in a negative fashion.

One of the things that this program teaches you is that there are some questions that you can ask that truly ARE harmless and will evoke your intended reaction.

There are things you can do that will help you to rekindle that flame that you so want to throw gasoline on!

This program will give you that gasoline.

I Need to Understand What My Man is Feeling…

No, you don’t.  I mean, there is a time and a place for that, and usually it’s when the moment has moved toward intimacy, and we (men) are feeling vulnerable.

But in general, this is a great way to distance him quicker than anything.  We tend to feel pressured when fielding questions about our relationships, outside of the proper context.

What is He Feeling

You Need to Understand What HE Wants

What you may not know, is that we men want a devoted and true relationship, just like women.  We want to feel secure in our relationship.

When you react because of your insecurities, we pick up on those micro-expressions and feelings, whether we realize it consciously or not.  Frustratingly enough, we may not even be able to tell you WHY we’re feeling like distancing ourselves.

We want YOU to be our best friend!  Can you get your mind around that?  We want to feel like we can share practically anything with you.  Our best friends, that are men, fill that need to some degree, but we tend to have to put on a show even with them.

We don’t want to have to do that with our companions.

Men and Women are Wired Differently

Men and Women are Wired DifferentlyThis system will teach you that men and women are naturally wired differently, that it’s natural and hard-wired into a woman’s physiology to bond with a man they are attracted to, while men need…more.

Not even sex will “make” a man bond to a woman, but then you probably already know that by now.  Whereas a woman often will bond strongly to a man that she’s decided to sleep with.

In order for a man to commit not only with his mind, but with his heart he needs HIS physiology to be turned on as well, but it’s a completely different biological mechanism than a woman’s.

There are far more things that are revealed in this system, but no spoilers!  Besides, it’s too much to put in this small review.

Is “Why Men Pull Away” a Scam?

Indubitably no!  It’s a multi-faceted program that does require you to be committed to the outcome, but it’s definitely no scam.

As with anything worthwhile, it’s not voodoo, it’s not a magic button, and it will require energy from you!

So, I guess what I’m getting at, is that it requires you to be serious about it.  If you’re looking for some recipe, or magic words that will make him infatuated with you so that he hangs on your every phrase, swooning over you and begging him to let him worship every aspect about you…well, then allow me to disappoint you…

You won’t find that anywhere!

My Rating of 5 out of 5

I gave this system a rating of 5, not because it’s well done (though it’s pretty well done), but because of the outcome.

I can tell you that when this system was acted upon by the woman in my life, it worked.  That deserves a 5 regardless of everything else.

I mean, if something works and gives you the outcome you wanted, what else matters?

What You’ll Learn About…

There are many things that this system will teach you, but some of the things that I think stand out follow below.

The Emotional Can Opener Technique

Learn how to approach your man and with a few words open up his emotions practically instantly.  Find out what feelings men are scared of and will do almost anything to avoid feeling.

How to Trigger a Man’s Hunter and Provider Instincts

Most men are biologically hard wired to “hunt and provide”, this program will teach you techniques that will trigger these instincts, and help form those emotional bonds…the need to cherish his woman.

How to “Drop Your Mask” Making Him Want to be Open and Honest

This is essential because men want to feel like they’re seeing into your inner feelings and emotions.

The 5 Stages of Commitment

You’ll learn about the five stages of commitment and how to tell which stage your man is in, as well as how to help him get from one stage to the next.

Not knowing the stage your man is in is almost certain to result in you saying and doing “the wrong things” which will help drive him away, instead of being “your king”.

The 6 “Red Alert” Phrases

You’ll learn about the six “red alert” phrases that will shut down a man’s ability to feel bonded to you.

And in addition to the above you’ll learn…

  • The mood magnet technique
  • How you need to think about men
  • How to stop repeating the same failed patterns
  • How to change the way men, and specifically your man, responds to you
  • How to turn your man’s feelings for you on…like a light switch!
  • The list goes on, suffice it say that there’s a lot more…

My Conclusions About “Why Men Pull Away – Discover What He’s Really Thinking, But Would Never Tell You to Your Face” System Review

I think this is an amazing system.  It gets women to approach their relationships from a different perspective, one that works for a man.

If you are looking for a paradigm shift and you are trying to get your husband to reawaken that fire he used to have, or your boyfriend to truly commit, or just to connect with a new guy in a meaningful way, then you need this system.

It’s going to help you fulfill these and many other goals, besides, with their money back guarantee, there’s really not a lot of risk.  The math is pretty simple…you have nothing to lose…unless you do nothing!

I can tell you this, when I was watching the material myself in order to write this review, I caught myself saying things like:

  • Right?!
  • Preach brother!
  • Duh!
  • And essentially agreeing with everything

The simple fact is, that I am a man, and like you women when you come across those things that hit home with you about your man…I recognized what I was hearing as the truth that men want, even though I myself didn’t know how to put it into words!

You want to know the secret, it’s not impossible, difficult, a gimmick or a formula…it’s about being connected.

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Why Men Pull Away What is He Really Thinking

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to let me know how this system helped you, please use the comment form below to let me know!

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4 thoughts on “Why Men Pull Away – Discover What He’s Really Thinking – Review

    1. Jack Post author

      Thanks Marie! I am passionate about this. It’s amazing how things become important to you when it becomes personal. My own experiences have driven me to really dig deep to understand why I felt the way I did and why my wife acted the way she did.

      This system is an amazing way to reconnect. I’ve made it a goal to try and develop my emotional muscle along with my physical and mental muscle so that I’m never caught off guard.

      Balance is everything!

  1. Blame

    I have a friend who has been married for twenty something years. Recently he feels like that he is getting tired of the marriage that he is in. Him and his wife actually went to a psychiatrist for help so that they can see what the problem is all about. You are right about men alright. Well, of course that’s because you are a man, and so am I. We are really different from women because we are more goal oriented individuals that views the world completely different. We certainly don’t “feel” everything around us the same way. I feel that it’s important for more women to get that so that relationship will actually work out without any side being desperate. It’s best if only pure passion and connectivity is involved. Thanks for sharing by the way.

    1. Jack Post author

      It’s true, men and women are different but not so different. We have a lot in common too.

      What I’ve found is that it isn’t the big things that end relationships, it’s the little things. It’s the death of romance by 1000 cuts.

      What it boils down to are the ruts that we get into. “When she met him he was exciting, he was going to conquer the world”, “when he met her she was devoted and when she looked at him he could see his reflection in her eyes like he’d never seen himself before”.

      Now, it’s “what’s for dinner?” and “why do you always put the toilet paper on wrong?”

      The adventure doesn’t have to be over, you just have to find ways to rekindle the romance. It’s not hard, but action does need to be taken.

      Both she and he have to be willing to change their minds and their hearts.

      20 years is a long time to just throw everything away…


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