Privacy Policy

Privacy policies can be a confusing thing, so if you need to ask a question concerning this one, feel free to email

In the nature of “do unto others…” I assume that your privacy is important to you, as mine is to me.  This document was created to outline the types of personal information collected on this site and how it is used.

Like any electronic medium, the systems used to bring you this content collects “log files”.  This means that as you navigate through the site, the visits are logged.  This is necessary for several reasons one of which is being able to determine when there is a problem with the technology and the content contained on this site.

The types of information collected includes the IP (Internet Protocol) address, type of browser being used, ISP, date and time of a visit, referring pages, exit pages, number of clicks on links.  This data is used to analyze trends, administer the site, and to see which pages you and others tend to like more than others.  Some demographic information as a matter of effect tend to be stored as well as a result of the information provided.  None of the information (unless a user name is entered) will personally identify you.

Cookies are not generally used on this site.  Unless you are a contributor that logs into the site, cookies are generally not used to track you.  There are some cookies set from an analytic perspective that are used to determine trends and generally unidentifiable information.  These cookies are outlined below:

  • Google uses cookies to serve ads and provide analysis of traffic on
  • Google provides ways of controlling what gets stored on their privacy page for ads
  • In some cases certain plugin type apps (3rd party) may use cookies for their own purposes
  • Other advertisers may use cookies for tracking purposes

I know, it can be a bit of a drag, but reality is that there are times that the only way to make something better is to know how people like something.  I love getting comments, but let’s face it, not all of you comment.

Maintaining a site isn’t exactly cheap either, and to pay the bills so that I can keep offering you the kind of quality everyone expects, I need to make sure my costs are offset, this means from time to time you might have to endure an ad or three.

Any of the advertisers that appear on that use cookies send them directly to you, I do not even see them.

If you are concerned about the information being tracked and its use, I encourage you to visit the privacy policies of the advertising system in question (Google’s is higher up on this page).

You can of course opt out of anything having to do with simply by leaving the site.

Another course of action you can use is to completely disable cookies in your browser.  This can have some strange side effects because many times cookies are used to help make your experience using technology easier, but by all means if you are concerned you should feel free to disable them.