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Affinity in a relationship is what helps us get through the rough times and the slow times.  It’s what makes something funny that normally wouldn’t be and helps maintain and create new connections from existing ones.

Affinity based information on this site will typically have to do with romantic and marital love, closeness, rapport, compatibility, and connections in general.  Affinity wraps up all those words and more and is more accurate when describing what a good and healthy relationship should be like.

Read more about how the term affinity relates to love, connections, and even marriage…

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Rekindling the Flames of Love is Cool but that Fire Can Sometimes Burn Too Hot, be Careful While Reconnecting

Once you’ve begun the process of reconnecting and rekindling that flame that so nearly sputtered into darkness, the journey is far from over.

Now things start to get interesting, and there will be times that it seems the darkness that almost enveloped you is safely in your past…then something will happen…

Once Upon a Time We were Happy, and Suddenly It’s Over? The Heart Heals Slowly, don’t Fear the Future

I know, to you it feels like it just happened, and for you it did.  But hopefully by now you’ve reflected and realized that this is something that has been “in the works” for quite some time now. You likely feel, along with a great many things, betrayed.  I get it…really, I do.  It’s a… Read More »

What do I do with this Broken Heart? Avoid Requests for Space and Use Your Head to Think about what You Want

Now that you’ve begun accepting the position that you are in.  It’s time for something that is even harder… You have to start thinking about what you want! All Posts in this Series: I Love You but I’m Not In Love With You, Meaning and Advice It’s Normal for Your Heart to be Afraid, but… Read More »

It’s Normal for Your Heart to be Afraid, but fighting for the Past Will Mean the End, So Start Accepting Your New Beginning

It’s a shattering experience to suddenly be faced with the potential loss of someone that you never imagined life without.

Understanding will come, but to get to the next step you have to accept that you and your love aren’t in the same emotional reality you thought you were. Denying that fact will only prolong, and likely help drive your partner further away.