Benefits of Finding the Best Vitamin-B Complex for YOU

By | February 20, 2016
Vitamin-B Complex with Magnesium

Finding The Best Vitamin-B Complex with Maximum Benefits for You…

Can be a difficult task.  The best way to find the right B-Complex is to start out with a blood test from you doctor.  Many Americans are deficient in one or more key nutrients and minerals, the most common of which are the D-vitamins.

As a general rule regarding vitamin-D3 for example, the typical person should be around 50 ng and you should supplement you diet with 1000 IU for every 10 ng that you are missing.

Only you and your doctor can get the right compliment, but with that in mind we’ll talk about one specific B-complex that I’ve found that seems to fit the bill in general.  Again, if you have any doubts consult your doctor and knowing what to change and what is improving is only going to be apparent through lab results.

Vitamin-B Complex with Magnesium and Vitamin-D

In order to achieve maximum balance and to help the pAGG stack give you the biggest bang, you can supplement your diet with vitamin-B, magnesium and vitamin-D.

Vitamin-B helps the absorption of certain constituents and aids in regulating body chemistry.  Tim Ferriss in the 4-Hour Body talks about the healing benefits of magnesium at length.

best-vitamin-b-complex-benefitsIt’s hard to find a decent supplement that is going to give you all that you need and will coordinate with the three times a day supplement regime that AGG consumption follows.

One such supplement is the Rainbow Light, Complete B-Complex product.  The serving size is 3 tablets allowing you to take one with every dose of AGG throughout the day before meals.

It also contains no fillers like rice flour that will spike your insulin like some other brands.

Let me know what kind of results you notice in the comments below!

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