Aspect and perspectiveAspect is the nature of something, how something is viewed or interpreted.  In the context of freedom the term aspect has many forms and overlaps with all three remaining A’s.  Primarily for the focus of discussion on this site, if something refers to “aspect” the reference is around health, fitness, and overall well-being or rather, how one interprets their well-being.  The primary three official definitions for aspect:

  • Appearance to the eye or mind
  • Nature; quality; character
  • A way in which a thing may be viewed or regarded; interpretation

So why not just say well-being, or health?  Simple…

A blind person can be healthy, and yet…they are blind.  A diabetic can have their disease under control, and yet…they are diabetic.  The point is, they aren’t perfect, they aren’t healthy in the ideal sense.  They are healthy, relatively speaking.  It is totally possible to be 100% successful and free by anyone’s standard with or without a “deficiency” so long as adaptations are made to compensate for any deficiencies that may exist.

Those are somewhat extreme examples, disadvantages exist in every single one of us!  Procrastination is a deficiency, as is laziness, as is a lack of confidence, or self worth.  They all require a positive change in aspect, they require us to adapt and thrive in spite of any disadvantage…mental, emotional or physical.

Your Interpretation is Half the Battle

Our interpretation of our condition or circumstances is vitally important to our overall health, fitness and well-being.  It’s of tantamount importance toward any successful relationship we might have or want to have with another person.

Use aspect to your advantageWith the appropriate aspect…health, fitness, and really any goal at all we may have is completely achievable.  With a negative or contrary (to our goal) aspect, no amount of cajoling, tenacity or positive drivel will help us to succeed.

When I say positive drivel, I’m talking specifically about how we are told to internally tell ourselves “positive affirmations”.  If you use repetitive internal messages to compensate for a shitty belief, often that belief will win out over the “positive affirmation” we’re often told to iterate over.

After all, popular consensus is that “it takes 10 positive statements to counter one negative statement”, right?  Exactly, except that internally your mind is saying…”what load of crap!”

While repetitive “fake it ’till you make it” type statements can help some of us and might be able to get you through the occasional low-point when raw discipline must be leveraged, more often than not that little asshole demon is going to be shouting “bullshit!” from whatever deep hole you’ve shoved it into.

So the term “health” or “fitness” or “well-being” doesn’t really cover it does it?  One’s perspective on a matter is pretty important, otherwise people like Stevie Wonder wouldn’t be a thing.  Stephen Hawking (whether you agree with him, understand him, or not) is an incredible example of someone with a truly debilitating challenge that has, against all odds, risen to the highest level he can with today’s technology and the ability to continuously change his aspect.

Time for a Paradigm Shift

Perspective changes everythingThe point is that their aspect was on point, not with their reality…but their intentional, determined “fantasy” (vision) made real.  The ability to change your own reality lay within you, and if you believe that you can’t…you quite simply won’t.

If, however, you can change your paradigm, glimpse the possible, accept that your fantastic reality can happen, believe that it will happen, focus on the good of others and yourself, release the bad, decide not to be angry, and gain the perspective of your ideal self…well then, you will have adapted your own individual aspect!

Your aspect by its very nature can, and must, change.  It’s ever evolving allowing you to adapt to an ever transitioning reality.  If you have a negative aspect, you can alter it.  If you have a physical unavoidable aspect, you can rise above it.  If you are lazy you can rule your mind, instead of letting your mind rule you!

And therein lay the secret to controlling every ASPECT of your life:  Don’t be controlled!  Control your mind, don’t be controlled by it!  If you don’t like it, change it!  If you’ve repeatedly achieved failure by doing the same thing again and again, do the opposite!

For aspect related information, take a look at the Aspect category.

Freedom isn’t something you arrive at…freedom is a journey!


16 thoughts on “Aspect

  1. Ray

    Thanks for the mind-boggling article – I had to read it 3 times to begin to understand. Especially the word “paradigm”, something which I learned through a business study that I never really understood.

    But I can say your article gave me a courage to be positive. I haven’t really had a great time over a year or so because of tiny little physical accidents & illness, nothing compared to blindness or disability. Instead of letting my mind rule myself, I should rule my mind. Thanks for that!

    1. Jack Post author

      LOL…hopefully it’s not too mind boggling or at least it’s mind boggling in a good way 🙂

      I’m sorry to hear about the issues that you’ve been enduring, and I’m glad that it helped!

      I know, paradigm is a great word.

      I often think about a story I once heard, where a man was on a bus and he was being offended by these two kids, a boy and a girl, that were rough housing and just plain being disrespectful. What was most outrageous was the dad who was doing nothing about it.

      Finally the man said something to the other man about controlling his kids. In response the man looked up in a distracted manner and said something to the effect of “wh-what, oh, I’m sorry, we were just coming back from the hospital. Their mother just died and I guess none of us are really sure how to handle it just yet…”

      At that moment, that little mental earthquake that happens inside you, where the shared outrage that you and the man were feeling is converted instead to shared empathy for the family that lost their wife and mother…that’s one of the best examples I know of what a true paradigm shift is.

      I appreciate the feedback!

      1. Banjo

        Hi, I have been reading and enjoying your writings for some time now. I appreciate your views on things. I’m finally planning to bookmark your site so I can keep returning to it. I continuously stumble upon it and keep thinking it’s spectacular but never saving it. See you next time! Keep posting us with these great articles!

        1. Jack Post author

          Hey Banjo, thanks for stopping by…again! Procrastination is something we all struggle with, it’s actually something along the lines of aspect that I intend to write about in the future. Make sure you come by and read it. Oh, and bookmark my site already! 🙂

  2. Rebekah Lee

    Wow, this is a great article. I think you are a forward thinker. I’ve been reading on this subject for a while, myself, and I actually was able to take something away from this article that was really helpful. A way to think about it that I haven’t considered before. So, thank you for that. I really like the pictures, too.
    Have you ever considered developing more concrete exercises that could make your articles more applicable to readers’ lives? Just taking what you’ve already said, and outlining a simple exercise, basically. You probably do something like that for yourself already, I know I do. You could get to the point where you have developed a product that you can sell, like books or tapes.
    Looking forward to more posts.

    1. Jack Post author

      Thank you Rebekah! Seeing things from different perspectives, especially uncommon ones is something I always try to do. It never ceases to amaze me the truly infinite variety of aspects any one thing or event can have. I can’t tell you how many times I think I’ve exhausted the unique ways of looking at something, only to discover, or better…have someone show me yet one more way to look at that something I was pondering.

      I hadn’t given the thought of concrete exercises much thought…that is, until you brought it up. I’m coming up with some ideas now though, you might say that you’ve shifted the aspect of how I was looking at things. 🙂

  3. Cristina

    Hello Jack,

    The only way to change a paradigm it’s through the same way it was created – through repetition of ideas. As you mentioned in this article, if we want to change our life, then we will have to shift our paradigms.

    No permanent change can happen if we don’t alter our paradigm. We’ve been programmed both genetically end environmentally. Whatever we were exposed to when we were young went right in our subconscious mind and formed our paradigm.

    Now it really depends in which environment someone grew up. If someone was raised in a negative environment they will have a ”harder time” changing their paradigm, because they will want to reject this concepts.

    Changing a paradigm it’s not an easy thing, but it’s the only way one can start living a positive life.

    If we want to make a big change in our lives then we should study and invest in ourselves each and every day. Once this becomes a habit, then we will be able to shift our paradigm and finally change our life.

    To more and better,

    1. Jack Post author

      Wow Cristina, it’s like you’re channeling my philosophies. I definitely agree that environmental considerations play a huge role in our decisions and the flexibility (or lack thereof) of our psyche.

      That said, I think when someone decides to change, and has sufficient motivation to change, that the change itself happens almost instantly. These kinds of paradigm shifts are typically longer lasting because our perspective fundamentally changes.

      Thanks for the very insightful comment, and I hope you keep coming back!


  4. Chawn Bracey

    Very well written and informative platform you have created. You are bringing fresh perspectives and thinking into things that are overlooked in every society. Its all about having a positive mindset and way of thinking. Our thoughts can either make or break us. Anything can be achieved but we must first conquer ourselves!

    1. Jack Post author

      Thanks for sharing your comments Chawn! I don’t know if I’d agree with it “all” being about a positive mindset, but it’s a pretty big chunk of it. Your aspect is important, but seeing the perspective of others is equally so. That’s how we foster empathy.

  5. lilywong

    There’s an author/speaker called A.H. Almaas who does a wonderful job explaining the different aspects, values and qualities in self. He pairs psychology and spirituality together and offers wonder, eye-opening information about our inner tendencies and higher qualities. I like what you have written here and I think more people should look deeper into themselves to find what they are truly looking for.

    1. Jack Post author

      Could agree more! Learning and improving is a cradle to grave effort. Now you’ve given me another branch to investigate! I’ll be looking for A. H. Almaas because that’s an author I’m not familiar with.

      Thanks so much for posting such a wonderful comment!

  6. Netta

    Hey Jack:

    This post makes me dizzy! My own take on the thing is that since freedom is the basis of the universe, then it stands to reason that I am free. I’m part of the universe, after all.

    Does that mean that freedom is my “aspect” or am I changing my paradigm by even thinking about it? What do you think?

    1. Jack Post author

      Wow! Is a dizzy a good thing? 🙂

      That’s a very profound comment, I had to crack open a beer just to ponder it!

      By thinking about self, perspective and the aspect of your current situation, sure you’re changing it…potentially. However, the universe is about actions, the conversion of energy to substance and the reverse.

      In this light, simply by thinking about self from an existential point of view you could indeed be fostering some form of change in your reality, but often it takes sustained will and action to produce the energy to corral and influence that energy in a direction that we wish it to go.

      You brought up the universe in the context of freedom, and so I’ll ramble a bit more. The universe neither harbors ill will nor “positive” intent toward any individual or world, any more than it does a stray atom hurtling through the cosmos.

      So in that light, the universe is freedom incarnate…literally. The universe abhors an imbalance, and as such WILL rectify it quickly and without prejudice. That said, the same universe, since we live in a universe of abundance and not scarcity, is ready to provide you with everything you need without exception, so long as that need does not result in an imbalance somewhere else.

      This is a fun journey, anyone else have something to offer?

  7. Gladwell

    I like this! love the definition of Aspect. I do relate to the part about “faking it till you make it” and always give in at the end of the day to m fears and anxiety. I began writing little notes to self and as you call it ,”paradigm shift.” It makes a huge difference and I feel that this article might just somehow be a catalyst to someone who needs that nudge to make a change.

    Thanks again, enjoyed the article.

    1. Jack Post author

      I’m thrilled you enjoyed it Gladwell!

      Sometimes you have no other choice but to “fake it till you make it”. I mean, how will you ever get there until you have some skills under your belt?

      It’s kind of like that paradox of looking for a job, only to find out that you need experience for the job…that you can’t get without a job.

      Our self doubt and anxiety are two of our worst enemies. Nobody is a harsher critic toward us, than ourselves.

      Thanks for commenting, and I hope to see you back here soon!


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