4-Hour Body Diet by Tim Ferriss – PAGG Supplement Review

By | February 20, 2016

If you’ve read the book 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, you probably know something about PAGG the “four horsemen of fat-loss”.  So what exactly is this synergistic medley of supplements?

  • P is for Policosanol – a naturally occurring constituent found in sugar cane that may help increase HDL cholesterol (good) while decreasing LDL cholesterol (bad) and assists with weight loss.
  • A is for Alpha-Lipoic Acid – a naturally occurring antioxidant in certain vegetables, organ meat and that has been synthesized for decades that can promote skeletal muscle, weight loss, energy among other potential benefits
  • G is for Green Tea Flavanols – antioxidants that help with boosting your metabolism as well as weight loss, EGCG (the most prevalent flavanol) may actually kill fat cells
  • G is for Allicin Garlic Extract – allicin is a compound that is actually a defense mechanism of garlic that promotes metabolism, energy and weight loss

Each of these “four horsemen of weight loss” is a power hitter all by itself, but together they help to get you part of the way to a higher metabolism and super charge your weight loss efforts.

The first thing you need to realize is that pAGG is a “stack”, not a brand or a “kind” of supplement.  You can get all inclusive pAGG pills from various manufacturers making all sorts of claims like “ultimate” and “official”, but the fact is that Tim actually only reported taking specific individual supplements and let me tell you, they are NOT all the same.

That said, there are many people that have taken the various stacks combined into a single supplement for convenience so that fewer pills have to be remembered to be taken.  I’ll outline where to get the various supplements and speak to the combination supplements as well as the individual supplements in a little bit.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some of these combination supplements contain other compounds that Tim also outlines.  For example, potassium is included in the Kirkland Science Labs brand of PAGG.  If your intent is to take potassium (which is recommended) with each meal, then this is a bonus.  However, some people are sensitive to potassium and have even reported heart palpitations.  So for those people I’d steer clear of the Kirkland Science Lab brand.

So what will you need for supplements to “do it right?”.  Here you go:

I know, that’s a lot of different supplements, so if you’d rather go for a more comprehensive, more packaged approach I’ll discuss some of the popular all-inclusive “stacks” available.  Just understand that there is typically a price for convenience.  One such price is that if you find out that, for example, potassium bothers you or that you want to tweak individual dosages, you quite simply can’t.

Many individuals that have given poor ratings for the combination products below, had much better success by purchasing and consuming the individual supplements.  In this way they are assured they are taking the correct dosages for their own personal needs as well as the exact type of individual supplement.


If you are like me (and this is one more argument for using individual supplements instead of a combination product), you are sensitive to certain substances.  If you do experience any “weirdness”, your best bet is to establish a baseline.  Meaning, start working on just changing your diet to get used to the foods that you’ll be eating on the slow carbohydrate diet for the first week.

Next add in one, and only one, of the supplements above and don’t add any more for 3 to 5 days until you are sure that it is not effecting you in any way.  Then continue adding the supplements one at a time following the same formula paying attention to any strange side effects.

If you start to experience side effects, discontinue use of that supplement and see if they go away.  If they don’t continue subtracting supplements until they do.

Of course if your side effects are serious (hives, trouble breathing, etc…) go see your doctor immediately.

Otherwise, just change one variable at a time until you have successfully introduced all supplements you intend to take.  If you find one that is affecting you, try a different brand (just pay attention to the ingredients, you don’t want rice flour and other strange compounds getting in the way) and talk to your healthcare provider.

Combined pAGG Products

Green Organics pAggGreen Organics pAGG

This pAGG supplement contains all the recommended dosages of EGCG, ALA, garlic extract and biotin (vitamin B7, aka vitamin H) in the daytime (AGG) bottle as well as the recommended dosages biotin, ALA, garlic extract and policosanol in the nighttime bottle (PAG).  It also has the most and best reviews of all the pAGG combined supplements I’ve found.

Some have complained about the strong taste of garlic in this product so those with heartburn will want to take some care.

Kirkland Science Labs pAGGKirkland Science Labs pAGG

This product is a comprehensive solution for those that are really looking to go “by the book”, so to speak.  This product contains not only the correct dosages of green tea extract (EGCG), alpha-lipoic acid (R-ALA), and aged garlic extract with high allicin potential it also contains potassium in the AGG (daytime product).  While the nighttime product (PAG) contains what you’d expect as far as aged garlic extract, r-alpha-lipoic acid, and policosanol but it also contains magnesium and calcium.

This formulation is much closer to what Tim recommends in the 4-hour body, however, they’ve removed the vitamin B because their research has shown that it competes with ALA for uptake (absorption).  It’s very possible that your results may vary and if this does not work for you, then perhaps the biotin containing compounds from one of the other brands would work better.

Caution:  If you are sensitive to potassium or magnesium, steer clear of this brand!

The Official pAGG StackThe Official PAGG Stack

The name above is actually the brand name of this supplement formula.  This has no reviews less than 3 stars as of this writing.

I can find very little information outside of Amazon on this particular brand.  This brand does seem to add calicium and magnesium to the mix and also includes the biotin (vitamin B), so in some ways it’s more closely resembles a more complete set than the other two.


Please take a moment and tell me about your experiences using the comment form below…


3 thoughts on “4-Hour Body Diet by Tim Ferriss – PAGG Supplement Review

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  2. Arief WIbowo

    Hi Jake,

    What would you recommend for me to eat naturally to get all the benefits you mentioned above?
    I always cook my meal with a clove of garlic. Should I add more supplement for this?
    And if I consume a cup of green tea every day, should I also consume a green tea supplement?

    1. Jack Post author

      Hi Arief,

      As with many answers, especially those that are about your health, the answer is: It depends.

      In order to best answer this question I would need to know what your overall goals are.

      I’d say if you are just trying to make sure that all your body’s nutritional needs are being met then it is possible that you can get a lot of the benefits by making sure that you are really hitting things like green leafy vegetables and vegetables that have a lot of color (beets, carrots).

      The green tea you are consuming and the garlic are great, but if you are really trying to ramp up weight loss and muscle gain then you need to consider a supplement because the amount of tea and foods you’d have to eat to hit all those benefits while following The 4-Hour Body regime are probably going to have you stuffing your mouth and your belly all day!

      I hope this helps, and if you want to share some of your more specific goals, I’d love to give you some more specific advise. 🙂


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